Extreme Reader XR1 has easy Storage & Navigation!

At home or at the workplace, "the original" XR1 model of the Extreme
Reader more than just fills the need for a reading device. With the
ability to save, retrieve and navigate through documents, the XR1
brings versitility and simplicity together with an easy access, high
definition keypad.
XR1 Features

Sixteen operation keypad.
High contrast tactile keys.
Contact sensitive "Help" commands.
AT&T Natural Voices speech engine.
CD format Daisy book reader.
World class scanning accuracy.
Floppy diskette scanning and reading.
Use with a PC monitor or TV for large print viewing.
Fully upgradable to an XR10 model.
XR1 keypad with link to larger image
What's new?

The XR1 model now reads multiple floppy file formats;
*.txt files, *.html files, *.pdf files, *.rtf files and *.doc files
using the same practical commands.

The XR1 model now has an integrated  "Audio CD" feature. This
allows the user to listen to audio CDs as well as Daisy CDs using
the same practical commands.

The XR1 now includes a command to change the default reading
voice. Now the user can select the voice that's right for them!
The Next Generation in Text to Speech Solutions
THE RANGER STATION:  Reading to the
A look at the XR1
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Extreme Reader XR-1
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Note: A United States Government Program
entitled, Counterfeit Deterrence System, has
been installed by the manufacturer of the
Scanning equipment. This Counterfeit
Deterrence System has a negative effect on
the operation of your Extreme Reader if you
try to scan Currency. Attempting to scan
Currency may cause your Extreme Reader to
lock up and possibly not recover until you